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Welcome to Hogwarts

​​So, you're a fan of Harry Potter are you?
Great! So are we. We're such big fans that we've built a society dedicated to the franchise.
Delving into the Wizarding World is fun, so you should join us! We host a Sorting Ceremony at the start of each year to sort new wizards and witches into the Houses that suit them best.
Just like the franchise, we have four separate Houses:
Gryffindor - Daring, Brave, and Valiant.
Hufflepuff - Loyal, Reliable, and Kind. 
Ravenclaw - Clever, Intelligent, and Creative.
Slytherin - Cunning, Ingenious, Ambitious. 
No matter who you are or what House you're in (Slytherins included), you'll fit in here. Our society strives to make socialising easier and more accessible for people from all walks of life.
Look, you're basically Harry Potter; you've moved to a Scottish school all alone. It's life changing, we get it, and we know that making friends at university can be hard. We're here to help with that; we unite you with people like you and host social events to bring everyone together. Our events vary each year, and we'd love for you to come along and join us. 
We usually meet on Wednesday evenings in Teviot.
Check out our past events to see the type of stuff we do - we'd love to see you there!
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